Why Choose a Luxury Yacht Rental?

A Luxury Yacht Rental is a unique opportunity for a personalised travel experience. It offers Michelin-level cuisine, seven-star service and a chance to see some of the most famous destinations in the world.

Depending on the yacht, a bareboat charter might not include provisions, docking fees and insurance in the base price. The yacht’s chef may also charge a gratuity, which will vary according to the accepted standards of each charter destination.

The adventure of a lifetime

Taking a vacation on a luxury yacht is an experience like no other. It provides the opportunity to explore remote corners of the world while enjoying Michelin-level cuisine and seven-star service. Whether you’re planning a wedding, bachelor party, or a romantic getaway, yacht charters can help make your dreams come true.

When you book a yacht, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will likely be charged a base fee, known as the charter fee, together with an Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) that covers provisions and several other variable costs. Crew gratuity is also not included, but will vary according to the accepted standard in your charter destination.

The best way to understand the process is to speak with an experienced yacht broker. They will be able to provide you with an estimate of all costs involved. Depending on the type of yacht you choose, there are different charter options to suit your needs.

The best way to explore the seas

Yachting is the ultimate way to travel the seas in a personalized and unique manner. The only limitations to your trip are the boundaries of your imagination, which is something other water-bound vacations like cruises simply can’t offer.

Whether you want to explore a new city, island or secluded fishing and diving spots, the options are endless. A professional charter broker can help you choose the right yacht for your needs and then tailor an itinerary to suit your desires.

When considering a yacht rental, you should take into account all incremental costs, such as fuel charges and paying for crew members. You should also request a virtual tour of any yacht you are interested in chartering to ensure that the size and scale is what you need. It’s also a good idea to read online reviews and ask for references from prior guests. This will give you a feel for how a particular yacht operates, and what kind of experience you can expect.

The opportunity to organize the most extravagant parties

Whether you’re looking to impress business associates or celebrate with friends, a yacht charter is the perfect solution. This type of event will help you to portray a classy and sophisticated image and will also allow you to develop and maintain valuable relationships with clients and colleagues.

The first step in planning a party aboard a luxury yacht is to decide on the theme. You can choose from a variety of options including Casino, Nautical, Masquerade and Pirate themes. Once you have chosen a theme, you can send out the invitations and begin to plan your event.

Another important factor to consider is the food and drinks that will be served. Make sure to include a variety of appetizers, food stations and entrees. Choosing a menu that will please your guests and satisfy any dietary restrictions is essential for a successful yacht party. Additionally, it is a good idea to bring along inflatable toys and party games.

The chance to get away from it all

With a yacht rental, you can get away from it all and enjoy a break from the daily routine. This is especially true if you rent a fully crewed yacht and hire a chef and other staff on board. You can invite friends and family to join you for an extravagant party on the water that they will never forget. Or you can spend a quiet moment just sitting on the deck as the sunsets. The options are truly endless.

You can choose from bareboat, skipper or cabin charters depending on your needs and budget. With Click&Boat, you can find and book the perfect yacht for you in just a few clicks!

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